Age: 30 (Leo/Virgo)
Location: WA, USA
email: mail@ekojr.com

During the day I’ve worked in various skilled trades, but at night I’m a Programmer at heart. I am self driven with 15 years in Web Design, and 5 years of Web Development (Internet Programming). I’ve worked with a number of languages & libraries throughout the years including PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, RegEx, etc…and of course HTML & CSS. Along with Web Hosting, I have also maintained VPS hosting services for others and me. It is also a personal preference for game & voice chat servers.

Thanks to many Open Source communities, particularly WordPress & GitHub, I was able to work in SVN & Git Repositories, and familiarize myself with Git Workflow Branching (Master, Dev/Stage, Feature, Release, & Hotfix), as well as Version Control. Compared to prior days, the development environment has improved dramatically compared to prior days, and offers an open community to expand on resourcefulness and cooperative skills.


I have worked with both frontend and backend development, and handled web design projects for others in need of my service.

I initially started getting into programming when I took a few courses in Computer Science, and began studying java as a means to learn basic programming. Many of which were OOP concepts like encapsulation, inheritance, Abstraction, etc. This led to various class design patterns (Singleton being my favorite).

Shortly after, I decided to take on Internet Programming, particularly PHP, as a means to expand further. Since it also provided more opportunities to share my work with others, and seemed have more exposure and competition.

The following are projects I maintain…

WP – Advanced Post List

Technical Skills

The following are just a few of my primary skills. For a full disclosure, inquire via email.

Languages: PHP, RegEx, JavaScript, HTML, & CSS.
Libraries/Other: jQuery (UI), jQuery Plugins, AJAX, JSON.
Repository: Git, SVN, Branching Model, Version Control.
SEO: Search Ranking, Page Optimization, Sitemap, robots.txt, Google Web Tools.
Social Integration: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yelp, Twitch.

Personal Traits

Personality: Executive

My Openness seems to quite fluid with different ideas and concepts that may be incorporated into the big picture. If there is an instance that I’ve had firsthand experience or studied in great detail, then I’ll be assertive, but being dynamic by nature allows the ability to adapt and occasionally reveal what may be the next cutting edge.

Conscientiousness however, can go both ways. I tend to ponder fundamental ideas quite often when there isn’t much to do, but I do formulate my ideas onto paper when I strike a brilliant idea or moving on to the next task to plan ahead on. I like to be dynamic to some degree just in case something doesn’t go to plan.

I would have to admit, I am a bit of an Introvert, but that’s a whole different story with friends; like most others would. Naturally, I’m reserved. Perhaps it’s just a matter of landing on a topic that both can easily divulge in, but given the topic, I can be forthright when there is a large amount of information to be discussed. I believe individuality and self reliance are useful when critically thinking and formulating my own ideas; which brings more diverse ideas into a group.

Agreeing on differing ideas mostly comes down to judgment of skill, and it’s always a good idea to focus on listening. There are really different levels of listening, and to agree or disagree towards the ‘best decision’ really comes down to how well individuals listen and understand one another. Being pragmatic can often come across as being ‘cold’, and it’s often something I’m mindful of when dealing with things in a realistic way. Effective, yet considerate.

As for Neuroticism, I am very humble and reserved; a man of few words, but words of wisdom. Open to some degree of trust when meeting others, but vigilant for various ‘red flags’ that may surface. Majority of the times, fear originates from uncertainty. With the willingness to gain experience and insight, there’s the potential to change a multitude of things.

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