Initial Website Plans

As for the launch of the site, I’ll be focusing on adding content and figuring out what ideas I want to implement. For the most part, WordPress will be my primary target since it also works as a social network hub; improvements made to social integration have been rather impressive compared to what it used to be.

Aside from creating a bio/portfolio content, I want to expand in my knowledge along the way, and the job market has a preference to it. I’ve had an enjoyable experience learning WordPress inside and out, even helped me dive deeper into web development, and the community environment was remarkable helpful, but it’s time to add to the challenge.


WordPress – Set as my main site directory, and will serve as a social network platform, demonstration site (APL Plugin), and contain majority of the content generated (something like this).

Drupal – I’m still trying to find a specific use for this, but I believe data management and dynamic content for public use will likely be the goal. I would like to see what implementations can be made with a chat bot program when handling live data (twitch WordPress plugin often comes to mind).

Magento – I do have a few things in mind to market for anyone that may be interested, but this is another platform there is a job demand for, and it could go hand in hand with Twitch.


Like most people, I have my form of entertainment and social hubs. I will say this, Facebook has become the worse place for social interaction. Perhaps I’ll explain it another time.

Youtube OR Twitch

Twitch for sure. I love YouTube, don’t get me wrong, but dynamics change when you’re dealing with a live interactive stream. Twitch is great for checking out new releases, and meeting others with similar backgrounds. From my experience, the gaming community has such a higher demand for a multitude of things, and it’s nice to be familiar with it.

Social Integration

Like I said, social sites have deteriorated, and I would have to put the blame on Facebook. I like new ideas and concepts, and that’s probably the one topic that gets ignored and drowned out. Although, Google has provided a much more collaborative environment, and it’s something I’ve often got others to use when putting project ideas into action.

I’ll mainly be using Google, Facebook, & Twitter. This will be an outlet that will feel forced onto myself, but compared to prior days, social integration with WordPress has improved drastically.


Oh yea! We likely have this on our list, and why not, it’s gaming community & marketplace for PC gamers. However, I have a different idea to use this in conjunction with the website. Lately, I’ve been getting into producing content for a game, and publishing it onto the Workshop. I’ve even been giving it a lot of thought to learn more about SourceSDK, but for now I’ve been focusing on other matters. In the meantime, while developing content to play around with during my off time, I might as add and publicize what I produce.


Since I do maintain a plugin, I will be working within the WordPress environment, and there aren’t many reasons not to. In the same way you could look at Windows and Linux. It’s all a matter of preference, but the open source community that comes with WordPress is helpful in many ways. Thus, I’ll be sticking with it since I know the platform inside and out.


Website development will be slow, and it’s to be expected. There are a few plans/ideas to get content and layouts rolling, but alternately I will be taking on multiple platforms to learn. So, I’ll be a novice at best and occasionally I’ll have to take some time to learn a few things.


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