WP Sample Sites

The following is a list of sample sites, and a description of the layout and functionality. As time progresses, I’ll be updating this page accordingly. The main focus has been #3 due to it’s complex query structure, and the designs that are rendered; Advanced Post List is the key feature to the site as well.

Sample 01 ( One Page )

This is intended to serve as a 1 page website, and directed more towards businesses.

  • Smooth Scrolling

Scrolling Layers

Main standard to this design is multiple background images that change when scrolling through layers.

Sample 02 ( Portfolio )

The general concept is to serve as a personal Portfolio / Profile website.

  • Contact Form.
  • Social Media
    • Probably a good change to develop a Twitch API plugin.

Contact Form

Most businesses seem to prefer Gravity Forms, but I have found more success with Caldera Forms. I’ve used Gravity forms multiple times with others, but I’ve found the production rate to be impaired both with development and the long term.

Social Media

One of the biggest requirements for any profile site is the ability to connect all other social media. This includes standard links and embedding of course. However, this also will be connected to Social Media APIs primarily for publishing within those sites as well.

Sample 03 ( News / Magazine )

Designed as a News Article website, this also server as the perfect environment to demonstrate Advanced Post List’s (APL) capabilities. The website has multiple filters and queries ( including dynamic filtering ), and needs to be rendered in multiple designs.

This is all done without the issue of showing a post multiple times on a given page. When a post is shown in multiple section like Featured Posts, Regular Content, and Related Content, it tends to hinder navigation and risk increasing the drop rate, and APL is there to prevents that.

  • Multiple query system with APL (Advanced Post List).
    • Compatible with Custom Post Types & Taxonomies.
  • Responsive Magazine Design
    • Thumbnail & Double Thumbnail design (APL).
    • List Displaying Articles and a Color Coded Time Elapse design (APL).
    • Child Theme to include fixes and custom designs & functionality.
  • Multiple Designs within a set query filter. Example, 3 designs for showing posts with a set category.


See Website

Multi Query Support

Landing Page(s) support multiple query lists and wont display duplicates. It also allows for dynamic content depending on the taxonomy of the page being viewed.


As intricate is it may be, the design changes fluidly. Even with the double thumbnail design, which had to make a small sacrifice.

I’ve already made changes to APL, but one problem I’ve noticed is the long titles getting in the way. So, that may be another issue worth resolving.

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