Visir Music Visualizer

Visor 0.9 Music Visualizer Download

Welcome to VisiR, the world’s first complete music visualiser made just for the Rift!

Designed from the ground-up with the Rift in mind, VisiR makes use of space and depth to provide a whole new music visualisation experience. Spectrum analysis and beat detection allows for all kinds of possibilities as colors, lights and shapes surround you, dancing to your music. VisiR utilises a capture plugin, allowing it to play with anything that comes out of your speakers: Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, iTunes, musical instruments, even your own voice!

VisiR provides two levels of customization. With multiple options for changing the program visuals and user-created shaders, you can tweak myriad settings to your own preference! New features and visuals are coming all the time, as VisiR is still in active development!
Start some music, launch VisiR and let the beat surround you in a whole new way!

NOTE: Oculus Rift not required: Single-camera and mouselook supported.

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