WP Sample Sites 1-3

As part of re-establishing the site, I was also going to set up challenges to produce both content and demos of the skills I have. Majority of my work was based on free options like plugin and extension development, which provided an in-depth experience, but is difficult to present.

The Challenge

The plan is to create sample sites in increments of 3, and ending with 9 in total for WordPress. Most of these designs will tackle the most common designs, but it also allows me to display plugin features I’ve developed.

Out of the 3, the 3rd is likely to be the most intensive and displays most of APL’s (Advanced Post List) functionality. I also plan on making it first priority since the other 2 are easy in comparison.

  • wp03 sample previewSample 01 (Profile w/ Twitch) – This is will be a One Page design, pre-configured to link to websites. It will be for sites considered ‘budgeted’. The website needs video support, but also needs a contact and list of commands.
  • Sample 02 (Personal Blog/Portfolio) – Typically standard issue, so the challenge with this is finding a way to set it apart from the rest. APL provides the option to set dynamic content, but may also want to incorporate custom loop designs.
  • Sample 03 (News/Magazine) – Last one (as well as the first one) will contain the most dynamic content, and also needs to have a simple design structure to catalog to. The plan is in integrate a large variety of media that is often found on News Media sites. This includes Streaming, YouTube Videos, Podcasts, and lots of thumbnail (and possibly sliders).

During the course of this, I will also be live streaming the content. However I wont be recording it to later reference to. Otherwise, people are still welcome to watch the Live Channel. You can also check out my Projects page to see a list of WP Sample Sites.

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